TedxTalk @TedxSevenMileBeach April 3, 2014

Watch and Share my first TedxTalk on Sexual Abuse @TedxSevenMileBeach from April 3rd, 2014 >>> http://youtu.be/YEOgftJ9EWY




  1. I watched your TEDx talk today. I applaud you for bringing the issue of childhood sexual abuse to the front stage. To put accountability where it needs to be. To help the children who are often helpless. Your hole in the bucket metaphor was good as well. The song you played has haunted me as well since I was a child. I was just humming it this morning. Your courage to return to the place where you experienced your personal abuse is very courageous and inspiring. I was raped at 16. That event shaped my entire life. I will be 40 this year.I have come to terms with all of the fact, however, I still deeply grieve for the girl I was and the woman I might have been had it not happened. I was interviewed on The Mental Illness Happy Hour. I would be honored if you would listen and comment back to me as well. Episode # 174. Love and Peace. Andrea


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