Modern Dating & Relationships

Last week we discussed the double standard and how gender stereotyping the concepts of masculine and feminine don’t actually work. Men and women alike have the capacity to nurture both masculine and feminine energies that lie within all of us. Women have become more comfortable with their masculine side as a direct result of their empowerment in the past several decades. However we need to balance this by revisiting our divine femininity. Also encouraging – our innate emotional intelligence is now recognized as extremely valuable for professional success.

This varies from men who have not welcomed feminine energy in their self expression in equal measure and in fact often reject it.
So if the sexes were in a competition for superiority women would probably be in the lead because they have learned to embrace both – but that’s just my masculine talking!
All of this relates to the topic of “modern dating and relationships,” as the foundation lies on gender, sexuality, and a balance of masculine and feminine energies.
Relationships have evolved tremendously over the centuries from variations of economic and political networking, polygamy, and domestic partnerships. Most traditional relationships were historically sought out for security, convenience, companionship, and social standing, but nowadays relationships are being deferred or even passed over for attempts to find true love with a soul mate. Aziz Ansari talks about this in his book Modern Romance, which has now been adapted into a Netflix series, ‘Master of None’ – definitely worth looking up!

Dr. Babe #lovelife is about inviting authentic and courageous self-expression. It’s about “heating up the warm spots” and awakening those of us who dare to challenge the status quo and embrace our humanity.

Topics covered range from sexuality, love, passion, intimacy, self-discovery, and relationships

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