The Status of Gender 

Sometimes I speak in generalizations, sometimes in personalizations. Our opinions and even our scientific lenses are framed by a multitude of factors, only made singular by our broadest descriptor – humanity.

Of these factors, our male and female status carries innate implications; punctuated with a plethora of other demographics and contextual happenstance. Although the debate is age-old between nature versus nurture, we cannot nor should not become cut off from our most basic human experience.

I would never want to escape or deny my womanhood nor do I want you to limit your maleness; which is primary to our imperative to then create our unique balance of masculine and feminine secondary characteristics.

In so doing we find a middle ground that builds a bridge between the sexes. However, this does not make them interchangeable, stratified, diluted, nor subservient. We are whole when we are in equilibrium as individuals and when we connect to the compliment of our actualized self, as I becomes we. Whether singular or infinite, it is love that connects us and fear that limits us.

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