Checks & Balances 

Some people don’t realize that ‘Dr. Babe’ is a symbol of a dynamic, dualistic, yin yang nature between the left and right brain, masculine/feminine, personal/professional. Aside from my regular mental health practice, media/film presence, and volleyball/fitness interests, I am Dr. Taylor Burrowes – Deputy Chair of the The Cayman Islands Mental Health Commission – a Government entity that overseas and advises the Health Practice of our professions.

We are currently working on updating the law in conjunction with the Council of Professions Allied with Medicine (CPAM) to enhance the language of the legislation to help clarify protection issues for public safety. The practices under revision fall under ‘Health & Wellness’, which continue to be the most abused.

Everyone has to be careful not to use “health practitioner/provider/professional” as a reference for credentials unless you are licensed under the CI Health Practice Commission. Unfortunately, some people assume that they can go online or get credentials overseas and that suffices for local practice. No, you have to also be accountable to local regulation of scopes of practice.

For example, fitness is not a protected profession, but health is – including mental health & specific wellness activities. It’s is a huge regulatory issue. We must be more mindful of encroaching on protected practices (as providers) and as consumers hiring persons who are not on the books. Our health professionals go through a tedious amount of procedures (abroad and locally) to provide safe and accountable services and products for the public. These things are in place for a reason. Work permit/immigration, trade and business licenses, and health practice regulation comprise a three pronged ‘checks and balances’ and all must be ensured.

Further, many people either aren’t aware of these guidelines or make naive assumptions that they are clear to provide goods/services without licensing, but some are actually aware. Some intentionally try to find a way around being regulated and some try to be included, but can’t on a technicality; these persons are usually more respectful of the manner in which they do business because they are aware of these parameters and understand their purpose.

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