Standing Firm 

This quote was something I said to a friend the other day when she was questioning my happiness. Not because she was trying to tear me down, but because she loves me and wants to make sure I’m truly happy in this place in my journey.

I can tell the difference when it comes from judgement and insecurity and when it comes from genuine love. I am always grateful for unconditional love, and I’m wise enough to know that it doesn’t always come in a neat package that reflects what I want. It is however, always served best when reciprocated.

Simultaneously, I am dealing with the former example of being questioned and doubted and criticized by others – and the following is my reminder to self during this period of transition:

1. You will be tested OFTEN

2. Circumstances & people will constantly & perhaps inadvertently tempt you to doubt yourself – DON’T

3. When you feel that wall approaching – DIG DEEPER & GO BOLDER

4. Clearly you are coming off as tentative & sending the message that you need them to tip the scales for you – CHECK YOURSELF

5. Let them be a CATALYST for your success…

6. Be grateful for your priceless die hards, they are the ones to whom you owe everything <<<DEMONSTRATE GRATITUDE TO THOSE WHO SUPPORT YOU >>>

7. THANK YOU to my forever friends & supporters who are always there doing big & little things to bring hope along the way


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