No Matter What!

Tomorrow is the day I’ve been preparing for all year long – in some way or another – since the day filming wrapped on the #Lovelife pilot season November 2016. I have been stewing & incubating on what Season 2 was going to be ever since. You see it began with a wide lens, but has now narrowed to a sharp focus; and it didn’t get here overnight!

One thing I know about myself is: I am not afraid of sitting with the unknown & letting things surface naturally.I won’t tell you I wasn’t frustrated along the way for dealing with ‘writer’s block’ aka lack of inspiration. January – nothing, March – nothing; needless to say I was going through a lot of personal strife with every new adventure/challenge along the way. It wasn’t until May that something began to shift.

Long story short, my catalyst was a man & a DISASTER of a situation. Anguishing about what the heck happened with him got me on the path to finding the inspiration I needed. So let’s give him all the credit for my success now – no let’s not do that, I’m just kidding. I am grateful for him for many lessons learned, but I give myself the credit for creating something amazing out of a crappy outcome.

When the seed was planted for #Lovelife2 it consumed me entirely, enabling me to produce the show from A-Z with the help of my supporters, sponsors, & partners. Now, the eve before Season 2, Episode 1 & Episode 2 are filmed, I am filled with excitement, nervous & productive energy, & gratitude. Not because it is such a glamorous experience, IT IS NOT. I am grateful for the opportunity to prove to myself that I can do it… no matter what obstacles I face, the improbabilities that exist, the constant rejection & continued disbelief & JUDGEMENT I receive from even the people closest to me at times!

This is my vision, my art, and my way to experientially shift our community using my inherent talents, passion, and expertise. I am so proud of this project, and I believe in DR. BABE, even if and when you don’t.

I do hope that those of you who are curious or lukewarm may give the show a chance, because you never know something may just actually be interesting, useful or entertaining.

Your feedback is very much appreciated, so please do let me know what you think when we premiere the season at the end of October ~ DR. BABE

Tesla Oviedo Photography & MUA/Hair by StyleBAR by Sonia Sajnani

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