“The comfort zone may not be a safety zone anymore!” ~ Tom

Tom is my first guest on The Babecast, my new podcast – for men & women – aimed at optimizing the listeners’ quality of self and self-in-relationship, and I’m the host, DR BABE.

This episode is called ‘Am I an Entrepreneur?’ & I’m really excited about it; It came out really well!

I hope you’ll have a listen to the whole thing and maybe even subscribe to my channel and leave me a review.

The full episode of The Babecast can be found on iTunes podcasts. Here: The Babecast: Episode 2

Android & web users:

The Babecast: Episode 2 (non iTunes)

Episode Notes:

Guest: Tom McCallum Profile

1. Am I an entrepreneur?

– Am I cut out for being an entrepreneur?

– Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?

– See & Fulfill a Gap | Get Uncomfortable | Be Willing to Do The Hard Work

2. Parallel between work and relationships

3. The Entrepreneurial Age – “The comfort zone may not be a safety zone anymore!” ~ Tom

4. Relationship to self as flexible – adapt & grow!

5. Know who you are

6. Work can not MAKE you happy


The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin Access here

Click this episode to watch Tom and I in the first episode of the pilot season of #Lovelife with Dr. Babe.

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