Body Love

On Sunday I recorded my second podcast interview, with guest Annika Martins. In this episode Annika commented, “I am so in love with the practice and the practice is meaningless if your intention is off base…” This really spoke to me. It reminds me of how I feel about anything I invest my time into. If it doesn’t resonate with me – or feel like home – then I am already looking for an exit plan. Example:

I just auditioned for a part in a local production of the Vagina Monologues. I thought it was an important piece to participate in and I thought I practiced it quite well, but when I auditioned my part – it definitely fell flat compared to the expectations of theatre performances. I’m a film acting girl!

I kinda hate failing or being mediocre or wussing out, but I had to. There was something that just felt off about it. It didn’t make my soul sing. Not like film acting does! It wasn’t even the piece I was doing… that, I liked! It was the way in which you have to act in order for it to be good in stage theatre. That manner just doesn’t appeal to me, or speak to my soul.

I come alive in the intricacies of film. The in between the lines – the subtleties of silence. I made an effort in the first place because I wanted to face my fears again, e.g. memorizing scripts; but you know what? I already conquered and overcame that fear, what do I have to prove still? When I realized this and the director double checked with me about my investment, I felt relieved to say the words: “thanks, but no thanks.” I backed out. Eeeeh ghaaad!

Back to my podcasting… I hope you enjoy the products of my hard work, and passion. Have you asked yourself lately if what you are investing time and energy into is really authentic to your purpose and passion, or otherwise a waste of time investment? It’s a good reminder. We don’t have to do all things (well).

In this third episode Annika talks about her work with Body Love.

Annika Martins is a champion (and sometimes critic) of the body love movement. Her writing encourages women to stop thinking about their bodies as a problem that needs to be fixed, and to instead view their self in relation to their body as a dynamic relationship that wants attention and affection like all relationships do. She’s also the creator of The Body Course, which will open up again in Jan 2018.

Click here for the iTunes link OR here for the Android/web link.

Enjoy the show!

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