Thank you for an Incredible Year!

What an incredible year it’s been! It has certainly been challenging at times, but definitely linked to tremendous growth by way of actual outcomes. I appreciate all of you for supporting me along this journey and for connecting with me on email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Anchor, etc. I even appreciate the critics as they have propelled me to push further and bigger and bolder, which was an important step for DR. BABE this year.

A Touching Moment

Let me share a story about the most touching moment I had last week – a moment that makes all of what I do worth it to me.

I was up late working on collecting data for my presentations to potential sponsors for the TV show and I was looking for YouTube views and in my search I realized that my TEDxTalk showed up repeatedly; and as I scrolled down the page it dawned on me as I clicked on the links: all these items were listings of playlists that viewers of my TEDxTalk had put my talk into! There were at least 1000 playlists that people had grouped my talk into because it helped them.

  • Trauma
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Rape
  • Advocacy
  • Inspiration
  • Research
  • Sexual assault
  • Female Rolemodels

Those are examples of the titles of the playlists my TEDxTalk had been put into. They grouped me with so many people that I admire that have hundreds of thousands of views. I started bawling as I realized how many lives I authentically touched, not just how many viewers had scrolled by my video. This moment validated exactly why I put my content out to all of you.


Producing, hosting, and marketing #Lovelife2 has been extremely . . . (I don’t know if there is a right word) transformative. As I finish up the last stages of post production and funding I can’t help but be proud and optimistic for what is to follow early next year. This project has been the most pivotal for me. It was a step that was pre-dated by many other pivotal crossroads, opportunities & growth periods along the way. I am sure there will also be more to follow.

I didn’t make it happen alone, there were many friends who sponsored me with their trades and in-kind products and services that paved the way for a beautiful show! I am immeasurably grateful. Without the partnership of the team behind Cayman Life TV this dream, or lofty idea, would have never come to fruition. They have been so gracious as to extend themselves out on a limb for me to help me find the resources I need for the show to grow. I cannot express how much I thank my lucky stars for their support!

Creating The Babecast with and iTunes has been a fun and enriching project that has allowed me to extend my brand using a medium I have always wanted to explore. It has also connected me with awesome new like-minded people. Seeing myself advance in my technical skills enough to create something respectable is truly an encouragement to keep going and believe in my innate drive and abilities. I also have leaned on several of you for guidance in these technical aspects and I couldn’t have made it this far without your help.

My DR. BABE blog has finally graduated to an actual website in the last month to help propel the brand and provide a comprehensive platform to centralize the content and its integrity. So far I have seen tremendous growth. Your consumption of the content through video, audio, blogs, pictures and all posts has tripled in 2017 as compared to the statistics from the previous year. This means that we are connecting and nothing makes me happier than to be aligned with my purpose and meet the needs of the people I’m trying to reach. Or is it reach the people I need to help? You are my people, I am your person, we are in this together because we have a symbiotic energy. What I have to give aligns with what resonates with you. Thank you for reaching out. I’ve already received several direct questions from my ASK DR BABE form and I really hope that personal support has been useful for you. I plan to develop this aspect more in the future, so keep the questions and comments coming as they inform the content I provide to you.

Reflecting at this time of year, not only do I have so much to be grateful for, but I am also full of ideas for growth that I want to bring to you. I do the best I can with what little resources I have, and for the authentic purpose of being of service. Someone recently told me, “for us to help people to the best of our ability it takes money, so we raise funds to help people, not ourselves.” I have to remember that when I have to ask (cringing already)!

I’ve spoken to many of you directly, and you probably already know how much time, investment, love, and energy I put into all of this. Not for celebrity or fame, but to succeed in doing what I love full time and being able to give you what you want as much as I can. If you do want to contribute to this work, then please think about sponsoring me by donating as little as $25 USD through PayPal here go to sponsor page. I don’t want you to feel that you are giving in exchange for nothing. So I’m happy to offer anyone a 30 minute Skype session to determine what resources would be best for addressing your challenges. Use this form and I will be happy to arrange a time with you.

Thank you for your continued support!

Let’s stay connected,

Taylor | DR. BABE  xx

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