Why is it that women must choose which side of the fence we exist on… reactive and defensive or compassionate and passive?

Maybe we don’t have to. What if we embrace all facets of ourselves depending on where we are currently growing and flowing through? There’s nothing wrong with being a strong and feminine woman who loves so deeply she quivers and glitches when her heart is in withdrawal, but also embraces her inherent power and purpose to steer a career and create a successful life for herself.

Women can respect their male counterparts and not become manly nor docile. We can celebrate our softness and nurturing spirit concurrently to clarifying our needs/values and asserting them.

I know it’s hard to navigate when and with whom to be strong or soft. Know your needs and values so well that you can feel empowered in any situation. Once that foundation exists you can explore your dynamism with more ease.

Abundance | clarity | directness

These are my muses now!

I am such a soft hearted soul – with an edge – but I need to draw out my Lioness. I’m a deep and true Leo, but my Venus has constantly detoured me. I am reclaiming my place as a force to be reckoned with because I know the alternative won’t get me where my path potentially leads.

I’ve been through every step and stage and phase of growth courageously, vulnerably, and authentically; henceforth I will be bringing affirmative and powerful energy to the foreground – to lead with resolve and compassion.

Is this guardedness, maybe – but those who know me understand my core essence has always been compassion and mind/heart healing work. For the sake of all I care for, it is my energy that I need to protect the most.

If you sense a similar conflict or internal struggle in yourself, don’t be alarmed. Harness that duality for it is a manifestation of your yin-yang power. Hone it and unleash its potential.

Go Get It!

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