Break Through Your Barriers

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day I posted a new episode of my podcast to contribute to the mission of an empowered humanity regardless of privilege or stereotype. There is no sense in maintaining injustice & inequality when what we mean is the observed variance between subjects. Or rather, let’s not breed contempt for our differences, but celebrate and synergize them as complimentary. Nor must our similarities catalyze competition and conflict.

Instead we shall prioritize our maximization of strengths. Identify what they are, bring them forward and use them for mutual benefit. In the meantime, self care and self acceptance are absolutely essential elements. Without our own diligence toward our values and needs, we won’t be able to take a stand for our self or our convictions. Bringing this awareness and clarity to the workplace is important, especially as it relates to diversity and discrimination in the workplace. Consider: what must I do to be well at work?

“Dr. Wilborn & DR. BABE: Breaking through barriers to wellness and success”

This is The Babecast!



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