Love your Being

Sometimes I have to be my own therapist. Sometimes I need to ask for help from others. Sometimes I’m lonely and sad, while other times I can’t wipe the smile off my face or the joy from my heart. We all have emotional detours, peaks and valleys. We have bad days, painful experiences, insecurity and fear can creep in and make us question our every thought, feeling, and choice.

We also ride waves of significant synchronicity and accomplishment; and have periods of productivity and validation. One feels good while the other does not; this does not make you crazy. You’re experiencing this range because you are ALIVE & CONNECTED! Maintain balance, stay grounded, and rooted in your internal knowing that everything is okay just the way it is, regardless of which cycle you’re in.

Love your being, even when it’s dark and flawed and lonely and complicated!

There’s no happy ending in waiting for some magic love story to bring passion, joy and belonging to your life. Learn to love your being today, tomorrow and every day.

I have a magic pillow – it’s big and gold and sparkly and ever so soft. It’s magical because I hug it every day and say aloud, “I love you!” – it helps me manifest my self love and it works magic!

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