And So It Begins

Wow. It’s all becoming real. This is big, this is huge, and it’s all so very surreal.

For me deciding to launch into my own business as an entrepreneur has been an unexpected and fluid journey. There were definitely many years when people suggested it to me and I said NO WAY! It just needed to evolve to this point organically for me, and nothing before it’s time.

Shannon, The Director, is like a big sister to me as we’ve grown and developed our relationship. We’ve been through a LOT! The company has been through immense change and growth, tragedy and controversy (mostly my fault, sorry Shannon, I know DR. BABE wasn’t in your business model).

But you know what? None of this was PLANNED. Although I’ve been processing this transition for over six months. I had to decide for sure if I was ready and I had to clarify what steps I needed to take and how to become READY!

So here I am, so excited and nervous and so GRATEFUL for all the experience and relationships I’ve built these past years.

I remember Shannon “throwing me to the wolves” and doing my first presentations in front of big – time – serious – lawyers! Me? Green as could be, but you know what, those experiences (with Shannon’s guidance) helped shape me into the confident, bold, and seasoned consultant I am today.

Thank you! I know it’s eleven weeks away, but in our mental health profession we are ethically required to give ample notice so that we can process the transitions we have to make.

Which made me think, why don’t we do that more in life? Can we make our transitions intentional, purposeful, and be brave enough to discuss them with the people they impact.

So often we impulsively or reactively jolt ourselves through transitions out of avoidance of dealing with the residual effects on others. What we fail to recognize when doing so is that we are actually imprinting the echo deeper rather than massaging it with healing hands.

If you feel something adrift in your own trajectory of growth, take the time to think it through, process it with appropriate mentors, discuss it with those relevant, and plan for the challenges – all the while embracing the range of emotions you’re going to experience. Fear, doubt, excitement, sadness, panic, joy, hope, freedom…growth!


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