Selection of the Fittest

Men and Women continuously debate who should have the upper hand and why, but whoever is right — chasing isn’t the issue, it’s the idea of selectiveness that intrigues me.

I’m not always great at that because I have such a big heart and I always see the good in people, so I can fall in love a lot for different reasons. It’s why I’m a good therapist, but it makes me vulnerable in my own #lovelife

I mend other people’s broken hearts and raise their confidence through my unconditional love — and then I’m the one that gets hurt. But from this day forth:

I promise myself, as hard as it will be not to embrace the next imperfect being and love them — I will love myself more.

We must be selective, not because giving your love away is bad… it’s not, but give it away platonically. Reserve your romance juices for only when you know they compliment you best. When you feel the magic. When there is no compromised value system.

Alas, there is never a guarantee of safety when risking it on love; there is only self-love to help fortify you through the gamble.

So for you singles out there, here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Know the qualities you need from others to augment/compliment your existence.
  2. Only invest in those people.
  3. Reject others, kindly.

Personal Note:

People often challenge me on what qualifies me as a relationship expert. As an experienced therapist, I see through that question and respond accordingly. As a vulnerable woman, it isn’t always easy to admit you are human. I’m not in a successful long term relationship now, but that’s because I’m not settling and I’m not done working on — me — yet.

Successful dating isn’t about finding someone for the sake of having a relationship, it’s about manifesting your most successful partnership through doing the hard self study first. Everyone’s timeline and romance journey is different. Some are quick and easy, others are complex and protracted.

The preceding was intended as insight on the right relationship mindset to practice from this day forward to guide you through the process.

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