In The Flow

I’m working on the final details of my business: name, logo, strategy, etc.

It’s all very tedious stuff —the minutia— and yet the essential visible substance of my brand, service, and product.

Believe it or not, DR. BABE is not my business. “She” is only one side of my brand, the media personality; the other side is the business side, Dr. Taylor Burrowes. The professional, nerdy, masculine, introverted and logical side that does all the thinking. The creative, extroverted, emotional and feminine side does all the expressive elements. The two in tandem create an integrated whole, you get me?

If you didn’t guess this then you must see my TV episode explaining the “Why behind DR. BABE?”

I’m still contemplating the actual business name. Granted, I only have two months or so before I’ll be launching so these details better converge quickly. I don’t know if any of you out there are entrepreneurs that have gone through the same period of flux and rebirth without a clear plan off the bat, but I tend to function best when organically derived. Any tips, send them my way please!

I will probably access a service or professional to assist me, but I still want to have a clear and articulate vision for my concept and image. Which I pretty much do, I just have a hard time entrusting someone else with it.

The bottom line is — all that matters is that I connect and engage with people and businesses. They have to see what I have as of value to them.

My skills, my expertise, my professional portfolio, my unique personality — all have to shine through enough to remind someone of what they need that I can provide.


I just have to show how I can translate these through my services and do so in a unique and valuable way.

How do I articulate my own value as a product?

I am an excellent therapist, I help many people heal & flourish; I am an excellent business consultant, I assist many companies in improving engagement and capacity with their staff; I am an excellent media personality, I bring a soulful and refreshing authenticity to my roles; I am an excellent collaborator offering fresh ideas and a collaborative spirit to contribute to any project.

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