The Greater Good

I’m starting to get a reputation — like my father — for speaking up against the status quo and about the most controversial issues; and I’m proud of that! I was blessed to be birthed into a warrior’s household. Peaceful at times (mostly in the therapy room or during my own down time), but bold & blatant about my beliefs when I see or hear of behaviors I disbelieve.

I sent this comment into a radio talk show today and thought maybe I should share it:

If we allow apathy on financial crimes and immigration crimes at this level… it’s a slippery slope. Although we have to balance regulation with freedom to pursue our wealth and happiness — we can’t have an attitude of “well if I can get away with it because the system is inefficient, then why not?”

There are two issues here:

1) the moral apathy of civil society (local & resident)

2) the inefficiency of the system (some will say corruption)

We must consider the consequences of our choices and balance the way they benefit us individually with the harm they could do to others collectively. We can still pursue our freedom, happiness, health, wealth, and success without taking away from others and to the detriment of our society. We are creating a reality that punishes the good and law abiding citizens and motivates the morally ambiguous into crime.

I can see both sides and I’ve been one of these people at one time or another trying to get things done quickly. There can be reasonable flexibility. But exceptions should be exceptions for a logical purpose. It begins and ends with the values of the system as a whole and the investment into the system’s efficiency.

When done well, it will not be too rigid or time consuming and it will be an enforcing one that encourages self regulation and accountability, while supporting sustained opportunity for ‘the good life’ for the average person.

P.S. If you didn’t know, I triple majored in Sociology, Psychology, and Philosophy; this is just the way I naturally think. It’s based on a philosophical theory called Utilitarianism.

Image credit: the Black Panther Movie

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