Getting Things Done

Make time and space for a step towards your goals each and everyday!

Even if you don’t get as much done as you’d like to because you get busy doing other urgent things, social engagements, exercise, or even family/life responsibilities. Don’t get discouraged — focus on the baby steps along the way.

Then plan for #goliath days of productivity where you clear your agenda and bunker down for a good stretch of time to allow yourself to get lost in flow. Update your master plan daily. Record the micro and macro movements you earn daily and weekly and prioritize your top three tasks for every day.

In the case that “life happens” at least one of those three will get done. Get your things done early. Schedule productivity meetings in the morning and get up earlier to prepare for success. Systemize all other incoming tasks (not in your control) into one of these 4 categories to get things done:





You may not have control of everything, but you can have a system that provides you with agency.

When you systemize the macro plan first you leave room for micro adjustments to the unexpected.

Let me know how you do 📝

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