Every challenge, trauma, drama, mistake and disaster can be leveraged for knowledge and experience if you can identify the pivot point for reframing it to your advantage. There is always a reframe!

Failure is not what defines a person. It’s your level of adaptability, resilience, and ownership of the potential catalyst for knowledge that defines a person. Do you deconstruct your “trials and errors” to transform your potential, or do you sulk and internalize your limits?

Some failures are actually fail-safes that you are tested with — the ones who aren’t afraid to fail are actually succeeding in the quest for truth and transcendence!

Our greatest resource as humans is truly our access to creativity so that we can revise, restory, and reframe ourselves and create experiences that will elevate us.

~ end ~

If you’re struggling with repeating the same mistakes over and over or you can’t seem to leverage your mistakes, you should consider speaking to someone who can help. Email me:

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