Shift Your Surrender

People are very distracted and confused by the words surrender and submission.

Let’s talk about this for a minute. I prefer the term surrender to submit because I DO NOT believe women have to abdicate their power in a healthy relationship;

The woman needs to surrender and so many fight this because they don’t understand what she is surrendering to.

Leadership is not a zero-sum game. A leader does not have ALL the power and the follower ZERO.

Therefore in a relationship where the man is the leader and the woman opting to follow his leadership, neither does he hold the power over her.

Ladies are collaborating with their Gentleman.

Paradigm Shift:

Step 1. Surrender is more commonly used in WAR terms. Marriage is not the same context. So we have to adjust our lens

Now read the picture again (Step 2)

Step 3. He is surrendering too.

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