Working with Taylor

Whether single, coupled, married, man or woman…

These are the types of problems I help my clients solve:

  • Feeling stuck and can’t seem to break out of toxic patterns like self abandonment, self sabotage, self limiting beliefs and impulsivity.
  • Coming out of a divorce or long term relationship that monopolized years of your life and now you’re looking for a hard reset to approach finding someone better suited for you.
  • Realizing you’ve been with several people who are clearly incompatible with you, perhaps even abusive, and you realize you can’t seem to heed the red flags or stay objective despite strong feelings of chemistry.
  • Frustrated and exhausted by dating apps and desperately want to re-set and re-group for a better way to connect to healthy high value people.
  • Longing to improve your current relationship or marriage to be more connected, respectful, aligned, healthy and fulfilling with enhanced polarity and better intimacy.

Work with me to escape the toxic relationship traps of your past and finally secure the Ideal Relationship of your future!

I’m a retired mental health counselor and retired marriage, couples and family therapist who’s been helping people grow and get healthy for over 17 years.

My PhD is in Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling (2014)

I retired in April 2019 when I started working as an independent consultant online. Now I can work anywhere in the world with anyone who aligns with my values. Do you?

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“I reached out to Dr. T. when I was navigating through some tough decisions. Her counsel has time and again proven to be precise, thoughtful and loving. She is dependable and will be there, whether it’s time for compassion or tough love. She also has a great community that will be there through the thick and thin. Dr T. is someone that you can trust, depend on and will help you reach your goals. I’m thankful for her and you will be as well!”

Isaiah R., 2022

The process of self examination, self growth and learning how to finally connect to a healthy partner who’s perfect for you, starts here… 

My approach to working with clients not only builds healthy relationships, but ideal relationships. It all starts with your own personal development towards your Ideal Self and Ideal Lifestyle.

Don’t worry if you’re not “dating” anyone, that’s where the bulk of the work is done. While you’re single, it’s essential to get clear on what matters most to you and what brings the best out in you.

This is a work in progress and may require some self exploration to discover your genuine interests and goals before you achieve a healthy baseline (if you’ve been taken off course for any reason).

How you do this is explained in detail in my book (only available for purchase by clients until 2023). But you must process, internalize and consistently apply these fundamentals intentionally in your life.

Ultimately your quality of life is your responsibility. I’m here to help mentor you through confusion, disappointment and disorganization to a clear path to making your true desires a reality.

My work with MEN includes:

  • Integrating the masculine (majority) and feminine (minority) aspects of healthy masculinity
  • Vetting for an Ideal Woman
  • Relationship leadership and polarity education for the coupled head of household
  • Mastermind for building success systems for an optimized, Ideal Life of your design.
  • Life Mission, Vision & Purpose mapping to achieve convergence, congruence and alignment of self.

My work with WOMEN covers:

  • Integrating the feminine (majority) and masculine (minority) aspects of healthy femininity
  • Friendship and building a female community
  • How to VET consciously for a life partner while you’re single and after connection with someone new
  • Female centered health & wellness
  • Purpose and productivity: how to align your work with your higher calling
  • Motherhood & mother—daughter dynamics
  • Womanhood & cultivating our superpowers as women: vulnerability, grace, nurturing, being, kindness, radiance & levity
  • Womanhood, female archetypes & the stages of life
  • Family structure & joint mission
  • Healthy, happy & successful marriage
  • Self development & cultivating a growth mindset
  • Sexuality, sensuality & reproductive health
  • Healing from grief & heartbreak
  • Homemaking & domesticity
  • Integrating the shadow, the past and mitigating your weaknesses
  • Navigating social & cultural influences

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IMPORTANT NOTE: I use a framework of healthy masculine and feminine integration in my work.

I work with varied demographics, but I do so with the assumptions that an ideal heterosexual relationship is monogamous displaying classic gender role dynamics and with marriage and family as the goal.

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  1. This video among all your others on YouTube and your tweets have been helpful to me in my healing and growth. Looking forward to making more discoveries and hopefully a complete transformation. I have many questions and hope the chance to speak with you in the near future.
    Thank you Dr.

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  2. Having issues with web dating thing. Real vs fake and friends and family not helping me and making this worse and the ladies I visit are they real??? Most want money and I’m quite sick of it.


    1. Great advice overall! Would highly suggest any guy/gal who may be having a tough time in their relationship or any situation ship for that matter. She’s very helpful & Keeps everything professional & confidential.

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