Morality Matters

The number of sex partners reported for women included 54% (2,113) split between 44% having 1-15 partners and 10% having 16-25 partners. Of those, 22% of women selected 16-25 partners and 77% of women respondents selected 1-15 partners. Read More


Dear Joan Letter to Feminism

I can’t go back and redo my twenties or even go back to puberty and start my socialization over so that I understand male/female dynamics REALISTICALLY. My life may be irreversible; I’ll have to make peace with the consequences of what you did, but I know you’re still out there doing this to other people. Read More

How “bringing your femininity back” can help you be more successful

I used to reject my girly feminine side as weak and superficial; so I celebrated my masculine strengths. Today I practice “bringing out my femininity” as much as I can to bring balance into my life and to assist me in developing successful relationships. Read More