Employee Counseling/Coaching

Online or face-to-face (on your premises or otherwise arranged between myself and the employee) sessions for employees (alone or with family members) targeting mental health, family, and relationship issues.

Or resolving work-related inefficiency, leadership development, conflict resolution, problem solving, or mediating workplace related infractions.

These services are strongly recommended for HR staff, management, and directors/partners as burnout at the top and modeling and practicing personal development are essential for high functioning teams.

Corporate Consultations

Psychological consultation on workplace policies, mental health matters, psychological safety, team dynamics, management skills, conflict resolution, sensitivity training, and leadership development;

Or regarding marketing and corporate culture related to sensitivities.

Training programs:

  1. Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  2. Mental Health Policy at Work
  3. Wellness & Self Care for Success
  4. A Solution-Focused Workplace (Integrating personality, conflict resolution, and collaboration mindset)
  5. Psychological Safety & Positive Organiztional Culture

Programs are recommended with a preliminary survey to gain pre-service feedback and insight to the provider that may be unknown to the manager seeking services.

This information is fedback to the contact/HR Department and presented at the seminar as applicable with no identifying information included. Incentives are suggested to gain maximum benefit of value.

  1. Sexual Harassment Training Objectives:
  • Reviews and contrasts the local and company policy on SH
  • Global trends for SH
  • Types of SH
  • Survey presentation
  • Review procedure for complaints & escalation steps
  • Nuanced definitions of “unwanted behavior”
  • Human rights issues
  • Gender equality/parity issues
  • Effects of SH & indicators of SH
  • What IF scenarios & case examples
  • Encourage personal empowerment
  • Community resources available

2. Mental Health Training Objectives:

  • Define mental health
  • Define mental illness
  • Discuss myths and facts
  • Optional survey for baseline awareness
  • Deconstruct faulty beliefs about MH
  • Overview of main diagnoses
  • Create healthy workplace dynamics for MH
  • What not to do in a mental health crisis
  • What to do in a mental health crisis
  • Community resources available

For more of an overview on this content, click here

5. Psychological Safety & Positive Organizational Culture

  • This corporate training includes a didactic PowerPoint presentation on Psychological Safety explaining its definition, application, and purpose.
  • It incorporates positive psychology to rationalize and apply positive mindset to the working environment, including the relationships at work. The brain influences are discussed to show there’s sciene to support this!
  • Case study and group processing assists in modeling the concepts in real time.

Recommended Training Packages:

  • 1 hour consultation (Debriefing/summarizing & integrating feedback; making recommendations)
  • To discuss issues pre-service, post-service, etc.
  • 3 hours survey development & analysis**

– Designing, collecting, analyzing, and formatting data

  • 1.5 hour seminar x No. of groups with a maximum of 20 people each

You can increase but not decrease the duration, unlimited number of groups, but no more than 20 per group.

**this goes out 1-2 weeks before service, depending on lead time of payment. Previous clients may deselect this option. Recommended for all others, new clients and new topics.

If you are interested in purchasing corporate services or to discuss service fees: Click to Email me

You can either purchase services separately at the hourly rate, or you can purchase a monthly retainer that would include unlimited access to my services. This would  include any or all of the following:

  • Employee counseling/coaching
  • Training
  • Consultation Services
  • Topics customized to you
  • Survey development and analysis
  • Debriefing/summary hour included