Employee Counseling/Coaching

Online or face-to-face (on your premises or otherwise arranged between myself and the employee) sessions for employees (alone or with family members) targeting mental health, family, and relationship issues.

Or resolving work-related inefficiency, leadership development, conflict resolution, problem solving, or mediating workplace related infractions.

These services are strongly recommended for HR staff, management, and directors/partners as burnout at the top and modeling and practicing personal development are essential for high functioning teams.


Corporate Consultations

Psychological consultation on workplace policies, mental health matters, psychological safety, team dynamics, management skills, conflict resolution, sensitivity training, and leadership development;

Or regarding marketing and corporate culture related to sensitivities.


Corporate Courses for Employees:

Audience – The persons most suitable for these courses are mid-senior level staff.


(1) Sexual Harassment Course

Title: “Reduce Your Risk of Sexual Harassment”

Summary: The workplace is meant to be a safe place where both men and women can collaborate in comfort. Sexual harassment policy has developed into a necessary measure to ensure the emotional and sometimes physical safety of some who have been offended by the sexualized behavior of their peers. This training aims to identify the causes and promote the resolutions that balance the rights and responsibilities of both women and men, employee and employer.


Review and contrast the local regulation and company policy

Global trends

Defining sexual harassment

Survey presentation (applicable with external clients)

Review procedure for complaints and escalation steps

Human rights issues

Gender equality/parity issues

Signs and symptoms

Case examples

Personal empowerment

Community resources available


(2) Mental Health Course

Title: “Learn How to Respond to Mental Ill-Health at Work” or “Optimizing Mental Health at Work”

Summary: If your employees are feeling ill-equipped to help prevent mental health issues at work and unskilled at responding to issues when they arise, then it’s time for you to prioritize their development of these key skills. This course will introduce the basic concepts needed to approach in a mental health concern as well as prevent stress responses at work.


Define mental health

Define mental illness

Discuss myths and facts

Optional survey for baseline awareness

Overview of main diagnoses

Creating healthy workplace dynamics

What not to do in a mental health crisis

What to do in a mental health crisis

Community resources available

For more of an overview on this content, click here


(3) Psychological Safety Course

Title: “Building Team Effectiveness through Positive Mindset”

Summary: This corporate training includes a PowerPoint presentation on Psychological Safety explaining its definition, application, and purpose. It incorporates positive psychology to rationalize and apply positive mindset to the working environment, including the relationships at work. The brain influences are discussed to show there’s science to support this! Case study and group processing assists in modeling the concepts in real time. This is an interactive training course aimed to shift the mood and behavior of staff to be more engaged, effective, and productive.


Learn why we need to feel safe at work

Define Psychological Safety

Learn how it impacts your work

Identify the key dynamics of effective teams

Assess your psychological safety

Explore how to encourage psychologically safe processes

Practice with case study

Apply the PERMA model of positive psychology at work

Discuss and process your experiences of culture and psychological safety at work


Duration – All courses run 2 – 4 hours; smaller groups of 20 or less persons

Included in Course Packages:

  • 1 hour for pre/post consultation (Debriefing/summarizing, integrating feedback, making recommendations)
  • Update to material based on your group’s needs
  • Survey development & analysis**

**Optional; this goes out 1-2 weeks before service, depending on lead time of payment. Recommended for new clients and new topics.

$1310 USD for each course package (not including the survey)

You can either purchase services separately as a package or you can purchase a monthly retainer at the GOLD or PLATINUM level.

  • 1 client seen a day, 5 days a week for 4 weeks (20)
  • 2, 2 hour trainings a month (4) NO LIMIT TO NUMBER OF ATTENDEES
  • Survey development (3)
  • Weekly update meetings (3)
  • Summary report (1)
  • Customized training topics (6)
  • In house confidential service without the full-time hassle of benefits
  • Intensive intervention with a comprehensive resolution
    = $14,535 USD

New Monthly Retainer PLATINUM Package Includes:

  • 2 clients seen a day, 5 days a week for 4 weeks (40)
  • 4, 2 hour trainings a month (8) NO LIMIT TO NUMBER OF ATTENDEES
  • Survey development (3)
  • Weekly update meetings (3)
  • Summary report (1)
  • Customized training topics (12)
  • In house confidential service without the full-time hassle of benefits
  • Intensive intervention with a comprehensive resolution

= $21,285 USD

I will only accept one retainer client per month.

If you are interested in purchasing corporate services or to discuss a customized investment: Click to Email me


Sarah Goring, Conyers, Dill & Pearman, Law Firm

“Taylor customised a series of sexual harassment prevention seminars for us, including designing a survey upon which she built a very comprehensive presentation.

Her professional, yet open and engaging personality made it easy for our staff to participate in the interactive aspects of the sessions.

Pre and post seminar meetings with management as well as follow-up surveys to every employee proved extremely useful.

The cost was affordable and the training beneficial across all sectors of our employee base.  We would recommend Taylor’s services and will definitely seek out her expertise again should the need arise.”

Matthew Hylton, Needs Assessment Unit of Cayman Islands Government

“Taylor facilitated my staff retreat in September 2018 and it was well worth the experience. Her presentation was concise, it captured all the elements we had hoped for and it was done in a very interactive and engaging format.

The price was extremely reasonable for the quality of service that we received. She even provided follow up material after the session and feedback to management on the findings that she came across during her interaction with staff.

We would definitely use her services again in the future.”