I am endorsing the creator of Dark Triad Man®️, Ivan Throne. He is massively controversial and misunderstood, but his work is masterful in providing a means for men in horribly dire marriages with unstable women who end up ripping their lives apart. I work with these coupes often in marital therapy and specifically with the men individually. However, I am not a male role model and although I specialize in working with men in these circumstances, this is never to replace them having the appropriate male mentorship. This is the hallmark method by which men who are seeking a way out and forward without being annihilated can surface unscathed. This is for these men, and if you are curious, make sure you go ahead and purchase this resource, it will save your life. It certainly won’t hurt to be prepared and knowledgeable either for preventing this from happening to you. It’s a win-win. Do it now, before you get stuck deeper in the quicksand!

Women, your space is elsewhere. This one is just for the men who need this.

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Escape Plan From The Damaged Woman

You live with an endless rotation of arguments, drama bombs and abuse.

It feels like the crazy strobes of a murderous disco. The truth is that you worry how far she might go. Either with your brother or with you. He tells you she’s crazy and you shamefacedly agree with him.

But you continue to stay and suffer.

And there’s a reason you can’t get out. It’s because you don’t know how. Maybe he doesn’t either.

You need a real escape plan.