Clinical Fees

Online Coaching (pre-payment required):


$37 USD for 15 min call:

$147 USD for 1 hour call:

$277 USD for 2 hour call (good for 60 days):


for Cayman Residents:

$32 KYD (15 mins)

$125 KYD (1 hr)

$230 KYD (2 hr)


Coaching Packages:
Minimum commitment of at least 3 months coaching and unlimited email support. You can do this either the slow way or the fast way; twice a month, or four times a month.

$ 997.00 for 2 coaching sessions a month and unlimited email support for three months, OR
$ 1,997.00 for 4 coaching sessions a month and unlimited email support for three months.



Individual = $175/hr KYD

Family/Couples = $225/hr KYD

Group = $75/group KYD

  • $40 KYD group no show fee (24 hours’ notice)
  • General No show fee (24 hours’ notice) = $75-100 KYD (50% of service)

 Corporate Training Services:

Programs being offered in 2018:

  1. Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (ADV)
  2. Mental Health Policy at Work (ADV)
  3. Wellness & Self Care for Success  (INTRO)
  4. Optimizing Work Relationships: Integrating personality, conflict resolution, and a success mindset (INTERMEDIATE-ADV)

Programs are recommended with a preliminary survey to gain pre-service feedback and insight to the provider that may be unknown to the manager seeking services. This information is fedback to the contact/HR Department and presented at the seminar as applicable with no identifying information included. Incentives or requirement of participation is suggested to gain maximum benefit of value.

Equipment requested for set-up: Flip chart and markers, connection to a projector and screen (please inform me if I am required to bring my own laptop), with audio-visual and Wi-Fi capabilities. I will submit the content no later than 24 hours in advance for it to be ready for presentation. I prefer not to give handouts of the presentation to the attendees unless otherwise discussed. You may provide them with electronic or paper copies after the event. I find this provides for more engagement and active participation. Post-service workshop evaluations will be collected electronically to help me gather feedback and suggestions.

A limited number of pro bono community workshop hours are available at random draw or first-come-first-served monthly. Please submit all requests using the contact form online here or email me at subject: PRO BONO SERVICE REQUEST. Give a time, description of attendees, and a purpose.