Online Telegram Groups

Click here to set up your Support Group Chat membership for only $19/month

If you can’t afford one-on-one client work at this time you’re in luck…

I now have a telegram group option to help support you through your personal challenges with a monthly micro-subscription service.

This $19 is an automatic monthly charge (renewing on the 1st) to your credit card, but you can cancel at any time going forward.

If you’re wondering what to expect from the group. Here’s what one young man said about it:

“Joining the group allows you to put forth your ideas about what would work in the dating world and get feedback. You don’t have to go at it alone. The group collectively has lots of experience and it helps to get the perspective of guys who have been there and done that. Whether it’s about getting over someone, attracting a right girl, navigating a complex relationship issue everyone has something to add, some thoughts to share. Explain your situation, ask your questions and you might discover there were ways to handle what you are going through which you didn’t think about before.” ~ Male group member

“You will love this group as we are all trying to become the best versions of ourselves while navigating the dating world! I’ve only been here a short time but I’ve learned a lot already”. ~ Female group member

This is an open and unstructured group setting, limited to 30 people each.

If you prefer NOT to reveal your identity you may use a pseudonym of your choice. But you must have a human name for group chat purposes, nobody but me needs to know it’s not real.

I will screen the group for appropriate fit and remove any members that are disruptive. For added privacy you can hide your telephone number or edit and delete any messages you send.

I will be moderating and guiding the group. I will provide topics, resources, redirection, feedback and daily support.

This is an online support chat group. I play an active & accessible role as moderator, mentor, consultant & facilitator.

This group is for you, if:

– you value men and women and ultimately seek a long term relationship (LTR)

– you’re struggling with a toxic relationship

– managing the fallout of a divorce

– frustrated with the dating scene & looking for a good man or woman

– needing guidance on how to become a better man or woman

This group isn’t for you if you expect or need:

– structured or systemized exercises, assignments or coursework

– scheduled lessons

– total anonymity

– frequent redirection on your values, disruptive behavior to group, or unreasonable insensitivity to other group members

Just click on the above link and it will ask you for payment to complete your account set up.

I will contact you once confirmed to make introductions and answer any of your specific questions, otherwise request a free 15 minute discovery call first HERE (click).

Once you are added to the group you will see the previous messages and you will see a pinned message at the top to orient yourself to the group environment. You are expected to make your introduction to group within 24 hours of being added.

Your introduction should disclose the following:

Relationship status
Current goals and challenges 
Most helpful book/resource/advice you’ve come across in your growth process?


“Hello and welcome to the group! It’s expected that what’s shared in here stays in here. As with all “support groups” trust is built over time but is essential to a successful outcome for all. Things to note:

1. There’s a way to hide your number. 2. You can delete or edit your messages for all.

I will initiate discussions informally as ice breakers or share relevant information as needed.

If you have any requests please feel free to put them forth in the group and I will do my best to accommodate them (in a timely manner). But mainly this is a space for you to direct a Q&A with the group as needed to navigate your circumstances.

I will facilitate & redirect the discussion “as if I were a support group facilitator in real life.” These are called process groups. They are unstructured by design but I will absolutely give directions as they arise.

As a new member of the group please share a brief paragraph introducing yourself and explaining your purpose for being in the group.

You can mention what you need support with and what your goals are. You don’t have to share more than you’re comfortable with (within the first 24 hours of joining group).

Message me privately when you need to. I’ll do my best to respond timely. Note: Sunday’s are generally my offline day.


Dr. Taylor Burrowes”