Online Telegram Groups

Click here to request a discovery call and apply to be in the Telegram Group for only $35/month

If you can’t afford one-on-one client work at this time you’re in luck…

I now have a 24/7 telegram group option to help support you through your personal challenges with a monthly micro-subscription service.

This $35 is an automatic monthly charge (renewing on the 1st) to your credit card, but you can cancel at any time going forward.

If you’re wondering what to expect from the group. Here’s what some said about it:

“Joining the group allows you to put forth your ideas about what would work in the dating world and get feedback. You don’t have to go at it alone. The group collectively has lots of experience and it helps to get the perspective of guys who have been there and done that. Whether it’s about getting over someone, attracting a right girl, navigating a complex relationship issue everyone has something to add, some thoughts to share. Explain your situation, ask your questions and you might discover there were ways to handle what you are going through which you didn’t think about before.” ~ Male group member

“This is a wonderful, open space to take chances in. To open up & face fears that you know you need to address but never had the forum to do it in...I don’t want to say it’s a safe space, because that phrase is packed full of trash these days. But if there were ever an ecosystem where risk, vulnerability, courage et al. were rewarded with positive feedback, this is the place.” ~Male group member

“You will love this group as we are all trying to become the best versions of ourselves while navigating the dating world! I’ve only been here a short time but I’ve learned a lot already”. ~ Female group member

“I don’t think my partner & I have ever been this powerful together.  Since last week‘s talk on sharpening each other, setting boundaries & learning to respect yourself I’ve made some major changes…My partner would never publicly post appreciation to me & he did. Thank you!” ~ Female group member 

Listen to a testimonial from Tim about his transformation in group!

This is an open (meaning people will be added and leave freely up to the maximum number) and semi-structured group setting, limited to 20 people each.

I have a weekly check in group meeting inside the chat group on Saturdays at 7am – 8am Arizona time. You don’t have to be in attendance but it is recommended that you do attend. It is also expected that you contribute on a weekly basis as a minimum, but don’t feel obligated to engage daily.

We don’t do LIVE face to face meetings yet (expected to start this in July), but we do submit videos and voicenotes often, but they are not required.

I will screen the group for appropriate fit and remove any members that are disruptive.

Capacity is limited to 20 members for your enhanced security & comfort for ultimate transparency.

Pre-screening & continuous vetting measures are in place to support your success in personal introspection, growth, problem solving &crisis management for High Value men & women.

For added privacy you can hide your telephone number or edit and delete any messages you send.

I will be moderating and guiding the group. I will provide topics, resources, redirection, feedback and daily support.

This is an online support chat group. I play an active and accessible role as moderator, mentor, consultant and facilitator…but I also expect the group members to initiate discussions organically.

This group is for you, if:

– you value connecting with healthy men and women and ultimately seek a long term relationship (LTR)

– you’re struggling with a toxic relationship

– managing the fallout of a divorce, or breakup

– frustrated with the dating scene & looking for a good man or woman

– needing guidance on how to become a better man or woman

This group isn’t for you if you expect or need:

– structured or systemized exercises, assignments or coursework

– scheduled lessons

– total anonymity or to be passive and non-participatory

– frequent redirection on your values, disruptive behavior to group, or unreasonable insensitivity to other group members

Bonuses Included with Group Membership:

Ideal Relationship System©️Newsletter

If you want to get my weekly Ideal Relationship System©️Newsletter separately you can sign up at $1.99/month

Match-Making Service

If you’d like to use this OPTIONAL BONUS FEATURE you can request to complete your Ideal Partner Profile (IPP) once you submit payment for the Telegram Group.

Example Group Welcome & Guidelines

Hello and welcome to the group! It’s expected that what’s shared in here stays private and anonymous unless permission is granted otherwise. As with all “support groups” trust is built over time and is essential to a successful outcome for all. 

Things to note:

1. There’s a way to hide your number. 
2. You can delete or edit your messages for all. 

I will initiate discussions informally as ice breakers or share relevant information as needed. If you have any requests please feel free to put them forth in the group and I will do my best to accommodate them.

This is a space for you to Q&A with the group in real time to navigate your real life concerns. Support and constructive feedback should be forthcoming between group members.

I will facilitate and redirect the discussion when needed and reinforce the group guidelines if necessary. The group is run as a semi-structured process group. 

Message me when you need to privately. I’ll do my best to respond timely. Note: Sunday’s are my day away usually.