Group Coaching

Invite Only — you can request a discovery call and apply to be in the group program

This is a semi-structured group community, limited to 20 people each.

I screen the group for appropriate fit and remove any members that are disruptive.

I moderate and guide the group actively. I provide topics, resources, redirection, feedback and daily support.

This is an online support and process group. Group members are expected to initiate meaningful discussions and take courage in sharing their true struggles and strengths.

If you’re wondering what to expect from the group, here’s what some have said:

“I’m now living an authentic life. No masks, no personas, no facades. My mind, heart, and spirit are in alignment. I know what’s important to me, what I stand for, and where my boundaries are.

If it wasn’t for the homework in the group (mission statement, mission map, defining your shadow self, and the IPP) I’m not sure if I would be able to say those things.

I can’t overstate how much of a difference the men’s group has made in my life. I have no hesitation in saying that 2020, despite all the whacko bullshit going on, has been my best year on this Earth.

You deserve a massive amount of credit for this success.

From your organizing and running the group, to the weekly emails, YouTube videos, and the steady stream of Twitter gold you’ve helped turn this capable but aimless man into an unstoppable force.

I will build upon the success of this year to snowball 2021 & beyond into a beautiful life.”

— Stephen R.

Others are saying…

“The tremendous support and encouragement I’ve experienced from the women’s group has been immense! I know for a fact that I would not have been able to make the positive progress I have in such a short period of time if it wasn’t for Dr Taylor and the rest of these beautiful and courageous women.

And it’s only going to continue to get better from here! I’m excited for my present and future! Joining Dr Taylor’s programme is the best decision of my life. Thank you!”

— P. K., Female group member

“Joining the group allows you to put forth your ideas about what would work in the dating world and get feedback. You don’t have to go at it alone. The group collectively has lots of experience and it helps to get the perspective of guys who have been there and done that. Whether it’s about getting over someone, attracting a right girl, navigating a complex relationship issue everyone has something to add, some thoughts to share. Explain your situation, ask your questions and you might discover there were ways to handle what you are going through which you didn’t think about before.”

—Male group member

“This is a wonderful, open space to take chances in. To open up & face fears that you know you need to address but never had the forum to do it in…I don’t want to say it’s a safe space, because that phrase is packed full of trash these days. But if there were ever an ecosystem where risk, vulnerability, courage et al. were rewarded with positive feedback, this is the place.”

—Male group member

“You will love this group as we are all trying to become the best versions of ourselves while navigating the dating world! I’ve only been here a short time but I’ve learned a lot already”.

— Female group member

“I don’t think my partner & I have ever been this powerful together.  Since last week‘s talk on sharpening each other, setting boundaries & learning to respect yourself I’ve made some major changes…My partner would never publicly post appreciation to me & he did. Thank you!”

—Female group member 

Listen to a testimonial from Tim about his transformation in group!

This group is for you, if:

– you value connecting with healthy men and women and ultimately seek a long term relationship (LTR)

– you’re struggling with a toxic relationship

– managing the fallout of a divorce, or breakup

– frustrated with the dating scene & looking for a good man or woman

– needing guidance on how to become a better man or woman

This group isn’t for you if you expect or need:

– structured or systemized exercises, assignments or coursework

– scheduled lessons

– total anonymity or to be passive and non-participatory

– frequent redirection on your values, disruptive behavior to group, or unreasonable insensitivity to other group members

Bonuses Included with Group Membership:

Ideal Relationship System©️ Weekly Newsletter

If you want to get my weekly Ideal Relationship System©️ Newsletter separately you can sign up at $9.99/month

Match-Making / Elite Vetting Service

If you’d like to use this OPTIONAL BONUS FEATURE you can request to complete your Ideal Partner Profile (IPP) once you submit payment for the Telegram Group.

I work with men on the following objectives:

Self mastery for the refined, masculine man
Vetting for an Ideal Woman (no more dating!)
Relationship mastery for the coupled head of household
Wellness & Success systems for the Ideal Man
Life Mission, Vision & Purpose Mapping to build your Ideal Life.

I work with women on a broad range of topics, including:

1. Female friendship
2. Dating / being single / vetting 
3. Health (all factors)
4. Work / productivity / finances
5. Motherhood & mother/daughter dynamics
6. Femininity / Becoming an ideal woman
7. Family structure & mission
8. Marriage / partnership 
9. Self development / growth mindset
10. Sexuality & sexual health
11. Trauma & recovery
13. Grief / heartbreak
14. Homemaking / Domesticity
15. Society & Culture