Online Telegram Groups

If you can’t afford one-to-one work with Dr. Burrowes you’re in luck…

She now has a telegram group option to help support you through your personal challenges with a monthly micro-subscription service.

This $19 is an automatic monthly charge to your credit card, but you can cancel at any time going forward.

This is an open and unstructured group setting. You can either choose to reveal your identity or use a pseudonym of your choice and speak among a group of others freely. You can even hide your telephone number for added privacy and edit or delete any messages you send.

Taylor will be moderating and guiding the group. She will provide feedback and daily support.

This is an online support chat group. I play an active & accessible role as moderator, mentor, consultant & facilitator.

This is a great tool of support if:

– you’re struggling with a toxic relationship

– managing the fallout of a divorce

– frustrated with the dating scene & looking for a good man or woman

– needing guidance on how to become the man or woman you strive to be

This group isn’t for you if you expect or need:

– structured or systemized exercises, assignments or coursework

– scheduled lessons

– total anonymity

The earlier you jump in, the more access you’ll get as the number of members grows to the maximum of only 30 women and 30 men in separate small group chat settings. This will keep things manageable for all and more personal.

Just click on the above $19 Contribution button and it will take you to payment box to complete your account set up.

Taylor will contact you once confirmed to make introductions and answer any of your specific questions, otherwise request a free 15 minute discovery call first HERE (click).

Once you are added to the group you will see the previous messages, but don’t worry you don’t have to catch up on all that reading. We will be cleaning the group messages regularly for ease of flow and you will see this pinned message at the top to orient yourself to the group environment.

“Hello and welcome to the group! It’s expected that what’s shared in here stays in here. As with all “support groups” trust is built over time but is essential to a successful outcome for all.

Things to note:

1. There’s a way to hide your number.

2. You can delete or edit your messages for all.

I will initiate discussions informally as ice breakers or share relevant information as needed.

If you have any requests please feel free to put them forth in the group and I will do my best to accommodate them (in a timely manner). But mainly this is a space for you to direct a Q&A with the group as needed to navigate your circumstances.

I will facilitate & redirect the discussion “as if I were a support group facilitator in real life.” These are called process groups. They are unstructured by design but I will absolutely give directions as they arise.

As a new member of the group please share a brief paragraph introducing yourself and explaining your purpose for being in the group. You can mention what you need support with and what your goals are. You don’t have to share more than you’re comfortable with.

Message me anytime you need to privately. I’ll do my best to respond timely. Note: Sunday’s are my day away usually.

Gratefully, Dr. Taylor Burrowes”