Blown away by this client testimonial. He wrote a long and very creative twitter thread about our work together.

[ How I Stole Bobby Axelrod’s Secret Weapon ]

Ever seen an episode of the show Billions?

It’s about a (fictional) hedge fund called Axe Capital…

The founder, Bobby Axelrod, built it from scratch into the BIGGEST fund on all of Wall Street.

But, get this:

Axe Cap isn’t like all the other funds.

The traders who work there?

Talk about a STRESSFUL job. 😰

With millions, sometimes even BILLIONS of dollars on the line…

The stakes are as HIGH as they get.

Which is why Bobby’s got a secret weapon to keep ‘em on top of their game:

Her name is Wendy Rhoades.

(the woman in the red dress)

On the surface, she looks like just another “therapist.”

But it doesn’t take long to figure out she’s much more than that

She’s more like a:

> mindset coach

> motivational speaker

> AND therapist

…all mixed into one.

She helps the traders at Axe Cap keep their killer instinct switched “ON”…

And makes sure each one stays sharper than a Hattori Hanzo-made samurai sword…

So they can PERFORM at the highest level.

Day in, day out.

And, my first thought after seeing the show was:

“Damn, I want my own Wendy Rhoades!”

So, I decided to steal her.

Okay, maybe “steal” isn’t the right word.

(she is a fictional character, after all)


I did find the next best thing:

Her name is Dr. Taylor Burrowes

And honestly?

I feel like she’s done for ME what Wendy does for the traders at Axe Cap.

When I first looked her up, I had just gotten back from travelling in Asia.

But, due to recent events in my life…

I was stressed.


And feeling very torn about my future.

I knew I needed to talk to someone, but I didn’t know who.

Thankfully, I stumbled across Taylor right here on Twitter.

Started following her.

And quickly realized:

Not ONLY does she possess an enlightened understanding of relationships and male/female dynamics…

But she also understands:

How mindset and mental health intersect with PERFORMANCE.

And, as someone who’s driven, ambitious, and highly motivated to succeed…

I knew that’s exactly what I needed.

Now, I’ll admit it:

It feels a little weird to open up to someone you’ve never met before.

(especially when you’re not even sitting in the same room)

But, Taylor quickly put me at ease in our first session.

And since then…

She’s helped me:

>> Deconstruct negative thought patterns

>> Work through past trauma

>> Re-frame my perspective

>> And unlock the BEST version of myself


It really does feel like I have my very own Wendy Rhoades.

Which is why I wanted to give her a very big (and public) “THANK YOU!”…

But also:

I wanted to share a little more about exactly what she’s done for me and how she’s helped me…

Because I suspect some of you could probably use her help too.

Now, if you’re anything like me…

Then you’ve heard all your favorite experts talk about MINDSET.

How important it is…

How it’s the key to unlocking a higher version of yourself…

But, it can be confusing at times. Right?

Especially when it feels like your goals are ELUDING you…

Despite your best efforts.

You start to wonder:

Should I do daily affirmations?



What ACTION is it that’s finally going to reveal that missing link?

…What is it I’m NOT getting??

And for me, that’s where I feel Taylor comes in.

Now, had I figured out *some* of this on my own already?


You probably have too.

But, at the same time:

I knew there was still lots of potential in me, just waiting to be tapped.

I just didn’t know HOW to do it.

…Until now.

Because now, I feel like I’m (finally) beginning to tap into my true potential.

And don’t get me wrong:

I’ve worked hard at it.

It’s like anything else…

Nobody can do the work FOR you.

But, getting outside help ACCELERATES the process.

(big time)


Whether you’ve got some emotional issues obstructing your mojo…

Or you’re just willing to do WHATEVER it takes to achieve your goals in life…

Do yourself a favor:

Follow @taylorburrowes (handle changed after publishing)

And think seriously about booking a call with her.

You can thank me later 😉

~ Jim Hamilton, client


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