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1. Am I an entrepreneur?
– Am I cut out for being an entrepreneur?
– Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?
– See & Fulfill a Gap | Get Uncomfortable | Be Willing to Do The Hard Work
2. Parallel between work and relationships
3. The Entrepreneurial Age – “The comfort zone may not be a safety zone anymore!” ~ Tom
4. Relationship to self as flexible – adapt & grow!
5. Know who you are
6. Work can not MAKE you happy


No Matter What!

This is my vision, my art, and my way to experientially shift our community using my inherent talents, passion, and expertise. I am so proud of this project, and I believe in DR. BABE, even if and when you don’t.

Standing Firm 

I am always grateful for unconditional love, and I’m wise enough to know that it doesn’t always come in a neat package that reflects what I want. It is however, always served best when reciprocated.

The Feminine Side of Courage

If we are to become self actualized we have to take responsibility for our choices (based on our compromises between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors) and maintain this accountability whether we achieve positive or negative results. Courage is the not just a feeling, it is an action, and when consistent – a personality type – and it most definitely is an outcome. However, the outcomes of courage are different for men and women.

Communicating Credibility

Communicating effectively is crucial for our success in our work and personal lives. It is essential that our listeners experience us as credible and trustworthy. In formal or informal, seated or standing, face to face or over the phone, and in our work and personal lives.The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships. The quality of our relationships is determined by the quality of our communication. 1) What we say (content); 2) How we say it (voice: tonality/pace/pause); and 3) How we convey the message… Read more Communicating Credibility