Client Breakthroughs

Group Members:

“I came into Taylor’s telegram group about two months ago to change a lot of things about myself and learn how to be a better wife. The group helped me see that I really needed to learn how to respect myself, how to set healthy boundaries with the relationships in my life, illuminate and correct the ones that persisted to be unhealthy. By learning how to implement healthy boundaries, I now understand and manage my relationships with confidence and respect. It started with my husband and the changes have been immense. I don’t think my husband and I have ever been this powerful together. It’s been just a few weeks and I’ve made some major changes spurred from one discussion alone and I’m already seeing improvements. For example, my partner would never publicly post appreciation to me and he did. Thank you!”

Tanya C. July 31st, 2020

“Joining the group allows you to put forth your ideas about what would work in the dating world and get feedback. You don’t have to go at it alone. The group collectively has lots of experience and it helps to get the perspective of guys who have been there and done that. Whether it’s about getting over someone, attracting a right girl, navigating a complex relationship issue everyone has something to add, some thoughts to share. Explain your situation, ask your questions and you might discover there were ways to handle what you are going through which you didn’t think about before.” ~ Male group member

“You will love this group as we are all trying to become the best versions of ourselves while navigating the dating world! I’ve only been here a short time but I’ve learned a lot already” ~ Female group member

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One-on-One Clients:

‪“We had a free consult months ago. You told me some pretty shocking & hard to believe insights regarding what I thought was a strong relationship. ‬

‪Over the past few days, I felt as though an atom bomb of ‘Dr Taylor Burrowes’ truth blew up in my face‪…all the insights you gave me on the true nature of the girl I was with ended up coming true.‬

‪I didn’t ‘want to see it’ at the time, even though I knew you were right, but I just finally took action about it & ended my relationship tonight.”‬

‪~ Seth Kaufman, group member

“I made significant progress working on my goals with Taylor. I would absolutely recommend her to others seeking personal or relationship development. I learned to focus more on my values and what it takes to be the person that I want to be; not dwell on the past & put myself out there without rushing things. I had above average improvement on these goals (4/5 scale): Emotional health, Confidence, Comfort/mastery with dating, Sexual health and Masculinity. These are the goals I SMASHED (5/5 scale): Relationship satisfaction, Life/future clarity, Getting over previous relationship, Being a better version of myself, Understanding my strengths & weaknesses, Becoming a healthy partner and Financial/professional performance” ~ R.P. male 30 years old

“I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Social Work and I had an internship where I case managed and counseled elementary-aged students. Also, I have attended a multitude of counseling appointments for various reasons, ranging from seasonal depression to my girlfriend’s suicide.

To my benefit, I was suggested Dr. @taylorburrowes account via the algorithm and I found her tweets informative and provoking. I took advantage of her “Discovery Call” free 15 minute option and it was the most productive session I had facilitated and administered to me.

The reason why is because I don’t believe many therapists and counselors have much understanding on male/female differences when dealing with traumatic experiences or wrestling with depression. I endorse her and believe the free marketplace of ideas and services will reward her.” ~ M. Z. Male client

“I had no idea what to expect when our consultation began and I was immediately blown away. Her calm and nurturing aura induced such a relaxed energy within me. She allowed me to express myself and ultimately guided me to the answers I sought in a subtle and nuanced way that only comes from an extensive consultation experience. Not once did I feel rushed or forced. I HIGHLY recommend her service to anyone seeking to understand relationship dynamics.” ~ C.J. Fountain, male client

“I just want to say thank you so much for meeting with me and just listening and talking about the things I’m currently dealing with. It REALLY helped a lot that you listened and helped me help myself in understanding what is “right and wrong”, what is best and worst for me and how to bring out the stronger feminine in me. Last night I meditated until I fell asleep and today I woke up feeling much better and started doing things for ME. Our conversation really helped and I cannot thank you enough. Although it was just the first session, I’ll definitely be scheduling more with you in the future.” ~Anonymous female client

“[Dr. B] the… point you made at our last session is already changing my life for the positive. I mean it’s a big palpable change” ~ Anonymous male client

“I wanted to let you know I am so appreciative of our first session. Really i had to thank God in my prayer for you agreeing to work with me and I have to tell you… I felt very lost. It’s been two days since our calls I’ve made my notes like you suggested and plan to put at least one  thing into practice this weekend based off your recommendations. I just wanted to tell you I really really feel alot more clarity…Thanks Taylor!” ~ Anonymous, female client

“…the session we had last week triggered some major insights for me. Feel like I’m making some real progress through some of my issues as a result. Looking forward to booking another one in the near future!” ~ Anonymous online male client

“During the 6 years I worked with Taylor on personal issues, I found her to be compassionate, intelligent and responsive, as you would expect from any therapist. What distinguishes Taylor is her extraordinary capacity for listening and her expansive knowledge of numerous mental health issues. She is able to listen deeply and respond with appropriate suggestions for self-care and dynamic personal change. Working with Taylor helped me immensely. Since I have left Cayman I have been challenged to find a new therapist who is as knowledgeable and skilled as Taylor.” ~ Anonymous, U.S.A.

“Taylor was really easy to talk to.  I was quite nervous at the start but Taylor just let me speak and was understanding when I was conveying this. What I liked is how she proposes practical based solutions to issues, which can give a personal framework to move forward I think its a far healthier approach than just being told to take medication. It was a really simple process to organise the Skype session and Taylor was really flexible in working around my availability. I’d definitely recommend Taylor as someone to speak to, she was understanding and listened to what I had to say really attentively, which ultimately helped to understand myself a bit better and a better framework on moving forward.” ~Jacob, male client

“Dr. Taylor Burrowes is a compassionate and skilled therapist who I had the privilege of knowing in a professional capacity. Her knowledge, guidance, and patience, made my experience a truly positive one which I will hold near and dear for many years to come!” ~ Nicole E., Marketing Leader | Marketing  communication Strategist

“Taylor is incredible to work with! Her approach to interactions is both probing and unobtrusive simultaneously. She has a unique ability to elicit introspection which leads to positive change in embedded belief systems which result in improved aspects of quality of life. I would recommend her to individuals serious in their search for methods of self-development.” ~ Sherene

“Taylor has a rare combination of quality in heart and talent. She is deeply caring and has tremendous openness to the expanse of human experience, emotions and needs.” ~ Jesse.