“Dr. Taylor Burrowes is a compassionate and skilled therapist who I had the privilege of knowing in a professional capacity. Her knowledge, guidance, and patience, made my experience a truly positive one which I will hold near and dear for many years to come!” ~ Nicole E., Marketing Leader | Marketing  communication Strategist

“Taylor is brave, caring, curious, and true. She brings this to everything she is and everything she does.” ~ Tom McCallum, Sounding board for brave leaders choosing transformative change.

“Taylor is incredible to work with. Her approach to interactions is both probing and unobtrusive simultaneously. She has a unique ability to elicit introspection which leads to positive change in embedded belief systems which result in improved aspects of quality of life. I would recommend her to individuals serious in their search for methods of self-development.” ~ Sherene Vargas, IT Trainer and Certified Professional Life Coach

“Learning the why behind DR. BABE made me love the title. It is so empowering. You took the word BABE back!” ~ Nina N. Ref: Video on Why DR. BABE?