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018 – The Love Drug with Jason Howard

017 – The Ties that don’t break us, bond us

016 – The Godfather of Twitter, Dr. Ralph Napolitano

015 – Life, Death & Sex with Jason Grey and Red Horse

014 – Character is power with Bill Masur

013 – Dating and Personal Branding with Troy Francis

012 – Goldmund’s Secrets to Seduction

011 – Samuel H. on Trauma and Relationships

010 – Tanner Guzy on Masculine Style

009 – The Dangers of Casual Sex, Promiscuity & Hyper-Sexuality with Sarah Jean Gosney

008 – Billy Red Horse on a Life of Purpose

007 – Esoteric Links between Medicine Spirituality

006 – Touch Connection Intimacy in Couples

005 – The Lived Experience of Bipolar Disorder, Dayna’s Story

004 – Youth Mental Health and Here is the post I wrote about it.

003 – Dr. Wilborn & DR. BABE: Breaking through barriers to wellness and success!

002 – Annika Martins & DR. BABE: Exploring our Body Love  (and here is the blog post I wrote about it).

001 – Tom McCallum & DR. BABE, “Am I an Entrepreneur?”