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Stop dreaming of that ideal life and let’s get to work!

Recent client testimonial, “I recently had my first online session with Taylor. She’s the real deal. It couldn’t have been more comfortable & it was literally only hours later that my life changed for the better after heeding her advice. I couldn’t be happier & she should probably charge more” ~ Male Client, February 28th 2019

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You’re here because you’re ready to take responsibility in creating your Ideal Life.

Whether that means you’re single and lonely or partnered and discontent.

You can develop your Ideal Partnership from scratch or by redesigning the one you have now.

The first step to get to this ideal is to develop your Ideal Self and attracting the complement in an Ideal Partner.

Right now you have an ideal opportunity to talk to a professional with over 14 years experience as a mental health counselor and marriage, couples and family therapist through your customized coaching experience.

My PhD is in Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling (2014) and if you want to find out more about my credentials, check out my LinkedIn profile by clicking here.

I was licensed in Florida as a mental health counselor and marriage and family therapist until April 2019.

I decided to officially leave healthcare and continue providing value through coaching for the mutual benefit of my clients and myself.

If you’re wondering how coaching with me works, we will start with a free discovery call, then the introductory call (one time only) if more time is needed.

After your initial call we will determine the best monthly membership package for you going forward.

Client Testimonial:

“I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Social Work and I had an internship where I case managed and counseled elementary-aged students. Also, I have attended a multitude of counseling appointments for various reasons, ranging from seasonal depression to my girlfriend’s suicide.

To my benefit, I was suggested Dr. @taylorburrowes account via the algorithm and I found her tweets informative and provoking. I took advantage of her “Discovery Call” free 15 minute option and it was the most productive session I had facilitated and administered to me.

The reason why is because I don’t believe many therapists and counselors have much understanding on male/female differences when dealing with traumatic experiences or wrestling with depression. I endorse her and believe the free marketplace of ideas and services will reward her.”

~ M. Z. Male client

Click here for client testimonials

Step (1)

Not sure how this online coaching thing works?

Have questions about romance, male female dynamics, gender roles, marriage, dating, relationships, mental health?

Jump on a FREE 15 min Discovery Call. Let’s see if we should work together further and discuss next steps.

The goal is to work the most effectively/efficiently for your individual needs, goals and decide which package is right for you.

Just complete the request below and select the discovery call option OR ask to be emailed to discuss further.

Dr. Burrowes will reply with links to a) submit client information and b) an online calendar link:


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15 mins is long enough to get the momentum you need to launch a new life!


Or you can pay for your first consultation:


Dr. Burrowes: 45 minute Introductory Call

Expert Coaching (Either video call or phone call, Skype preferred). This call allows for background development and establishing a history and present context for your concerns. In this time I can provide supportive processing and introspection as well as action-oriented strategy. Even if you are unsure about what you want to work on specifically, this time allows me to help you identify what and how we will target your desired outcomes. Billing will show up as: Dr. Taylor Burrowes


The Stages of Our Work


I’m going to explore with you what’s presently creating barriers to your optimal life and make connections to past patterns, events or influences.


We will work together to link current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to not only these past habitual obstacles but to current modes of sabotage in order to free you from the limitations holding you back and accelerate you forward in your pursuit of fulfillment.

Action Steps:

We will customize practical ways you can implement new ideas into behaviors (or vice versa) so that you can see effective outcomes rapidly.


Clarifying a pattern of new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so that they become your internalized way of being and natural tendencies.

Not having the process of accountability fortified by having a mentor at this juncture can make this process a waste of time and money.

You have to get to this step in order to ensure that you will be able to take all of the changes forward on your own from here.


this last step involves aligning the real self with the ideal self and lifestyle consistently and without concern for regressing back to “the old you.”

Expect to get uncomfortable and prepare to confront hard truth about yourself. If you’re not ready for that or the change anticipated due your being comfortable in your current and familiar status quo, we can end at anytime.

Even positive change can be difficult to accept because all change is uncomfortable at first and that’s why you need me to help you stick through to the end to help you access your ideal outcomes.

Another important disclosure about myself is that I frame my work within a perspective of traditional relationship ideals. This does not mean I don’t work with varied demographics, but I do subscribe to the idea that an ideal heterosexual relationship is monogamous and long term with classic gender role dynamics.

Here’s a video that you may find useful on “The 7 Pitfalls to Avoid in Relationships”

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