About Me

Who am I?

My name is Dr. Taylor Burrowes (PhD in Marital and Family Counselling) and I am a therapist and catalyst for growth.

What do I do? 

I work with individuals, families, couples, groups, and organizations to overcome their challenges through process oriented therapeutic and consultative services. Specializing in marital therapy, corporate/organizational consultation, mental health policy, emotional wellness, sexual health and trauma, I bring many layers of expertise to my work in a non-conventional style. I use confrontation, authenticity, transparency, spontaneity, narrative and solution-focused styles from a systemic theory based on a postmodern and person-centered framework. My work in gender and sexuality issues, dating and relationships beyond the traditional marital therapy approach is gaining headway through word-of-mouth referrals and is not only cutting edge and controversial, but exceptionally effective.

I am also a TV news anchor, a writer, a talk show host/producer, a podcaster, and an actress. I have a TV show called #Lovelife (available on YouTube) and I also host The Babecast on Apple podcasts and Google Play.

DR. BABE is my media personality — she’s not the woman nor the professional. If you are curious about the name, DR. BABE, there is an episode I did for the pilot season, explaining the name and purpose for why I chose  the moniker,  DR. BABE.

Topics that I write, speak, and work with in therapy include:

Love – romance, self-love, platonic love, familial love, etc…

Sex – healthy sex, sexuality

Gender – masculinity, femininity, sexual dynamics, sexuality

Relationships –  to self, others, and the beyond

Happiness – joy, success, fulfillment, mental health

Passion – purpose, happiness, romance, sex, inspiration

Purpose – service, meaning, agency, fulfillment, happiness, goals

Connection – self-care, authenticity, relationships, mindfulness

Freedom – self expression, living out loud, choice

Balance – yin/yang, masculinity/femininity, energy, self-care, mindfulness, flow

Authenticity – connection, truth, courage, vulnerability

Self-Development – professional development, success, happiness, knowledge, leadership, skill-building

Success – professional development, happiness, love, sex, relationships, passion, purpose, connection

Consultation – assessment of dynamics to improve efficiency and productivity of systems and their components              

How I got here? 

It took me about 30 years to come to the unequivocal conclusion that I’m just not cut out to be — or even fake being — conventional. I have now found a way to live and work aligned with my core values and preferred self. To that end, I am now becoming self-employed and entering the world as a full time entrepreneur.

I am built to help people, heal people, and inspire people MY WAY! I do this by being the best I can be, in relationship to my self and in relationship with others. I want to help make this world a better place by influencing people to be the best they can be as well. The better we are collectively at being our best selves, the less we will be plagued by toxic thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships.

My way of doing this is my own. After years of personal growth, evolution, following my intuition and inner manifesto, I have emerged here at this point. I have a laser focus on building my brand and being a successful ‘self architect’ aligned with a skill set and purpose to heal and guide others on their own path to happiness.

My core values include: Passion, Freedom, Balance, Authenticity, and Connection. These are reflexive of my perspective on how I see and shape my world and how I interact with others as well as clients. I believe it is essential for the people I work with to understand that my practice is grounded in this approach and they should determine whether they are comfortable with my frame of reference as it will most certainly shape our work together.

We can work together in these ways:

1) Talk Therapy: individufal, couples, group, family counseling/therapy, supervision

2) Consultation services (Individuals, relationships, companies, teams, organizations, events, and research)

3) Trainings, presentations, workshops, and talks.

4) Content Creation, e.g. writing articles and social media posts.

5) Film and commercial acting

6) TV, podcast, and radio show hosting (guest appearances in exchange for promotion).

WHY am I doing all of this? What is my purpose? 

I desire to facilitate change in collaboration. One of my priorities is to connect people and resources doing amazing things to synchronize the helping systems into a collective whole. To allow consumers to access the support they need more effectively. To link services and creators together in a collaborative mindset. Another reason I do what I do the way I do it is to blend Education and Entertainment in a way that challenges ones’ assumptions while being engaging and fun!

To facilitate change I practice the same values and methods (see above) that I hope to inspire in the people I work with. The goal being self understanding and mastery so that we bring our best selves forward in our lives. In doing this we can detoxify our interactions and relationships from unneccessary pain and create more opportunities for growth, love, and happiness.

Please feel free to email me to discuss potential collaborations directly. I would love to connect with you!

You may view my LinkedIn page here: Professional Bio

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