The new trend in help-seeking is online therapy over in-person therapy. This is because it’s so easy to connect with someone online, on your own time frame, and in the comfort of your own space in true LUXURY. Plus people are looking for real solutions NOT long term clinical psychotherapy that tends to create a dependency on therapy.

Recent client testimonial, “I recently had my first online session w/ Taylor. She’s the real deal. It couldn’t have been more comfortable & it was literally only hours later that my life changed for the better after heeding her advice. I couldn’t be happier & she should probably charge more” ~ Male Client, February 28th 2019

For more testimonials visit this page.

STEP 1) Purchase your session(s):


60 Minute Session

Mental Health and/or Relationship Coaching (Either video call or phone call). The full hour allows for more background development and context for your concerns. It is also helpful when you have more need for supportive processing and introspection rather than action-oriented goal clarification. Useful for times when you don’t know what you want or need to change and I will have to help you discover what objectives to target. Equivalent in KYD = $150



30 Minute Session

Initial consult or half-session for focused mental health and/or relationship coaching (video or phone call). You’d be surprised how much you can get done in 30 minutes when you have a clear goal in mind. Some of the biggest change has been spurred by these sessions. Equivalent in KYD = $75




Pre-purchase four (4) sessions and schedule one a week for the month. Or you can spread them out as you like. Equivalent in KYD = $528 “How mindset & mental health intersect with PERFORMANCE.” I’ll help you: +Deconstruct negative thought patterns +Re-frame your perspective +Practice new success strategies +Clarify your relationship needs




Pre-purchase eight (8) sessions and schedule one a week for two months. Or you can spread them out as you like. Equivalent in KYD = $992 “How mindset & mental health intersect with PERFORMANCE.” I’ll help you: +Deconstruct negative thought patterns +Work through past trauma +Re-frame your perspective +Clarify your relationship needs. +Unlock the BEST version of you!


  • If you are not ready to request services yet, email me HERE ( to confidentially discuss your concerns.

*Cayman Islands residents can make payment for the equivalent (KYD) in cash/cheque or CNB bank transfer, account information will be provided upon booking*


  • Once you complete the form it will be automatically sent to both myself and you.

STEP 3) Schedule your session by finding and selecting a time in my online BOOKING CALENDAR .

  • Payment does not confirm same day appointment. You may request a same-day appointment with me via email and I will do my best to arrange.
  • If you are in another part of the world that requires my flexibility, I am happy to extend myself outside of those hours for you. So please just ask. Please remember I am likely located in a different time zone so make sure to double check your calendar is accurate.
  • The default method of video conferencing will be the Google Meeting app embedded in the calendar appointment. Otherwise you can request Skype or other platform just remember to provide your Skype name or other contact information.

Here’s a video that explores how I work with you to establish the foundations of healthy romantic relationships

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