How can I help you?

I’ve worked as a licensed marriage and family therapist (PhD) and mental health counselor with couples, individual, families, and groups for 13 years with hundreds of people in direct face to face sessions. This has allowed me the time, opportunity, and experience to get specific on what I’m expert in and where I get the best outcomes for my clients. Undoubtedly, it’s relationships/dating and expanding perspectives. In order to shift your thinking though, I need dedicated clients WHO ARE OPEN to the process.

I have moved away from mental health as my primary identity professionally, and now I prefer to call myself a counselor/ coach/consultant. You can read about that here. As clients, I want you to know that I am not the type of professional that is going to organize your life with structures and procedures. No, I am the type that is going to ask you questions and get you thinking and doing things so differently that you make significant shifts to get yourself out of your stuck or undesired state.

I am the catalyst that will help you change the course of your life so that you can avoid problems in the first place. I know it can be uncomfortable to ask for help, invest in help, receive help, but it is literally the life line that can make all the difference!

My job is to make you feel uncomfortable, because in order for growth to happen, you must feel discomfort with the status quo of your life. You’ll never regret spending the money on coaching, it is a priceless process that capitalizes on itself tenfold. If you’re even considering it right now, then you know you need to get the ball rolling. Let’s do this!

What I want to give you is an opportunity to release yourself from past belief systems and begin to start thinking about life anew. You need to remove the layers of self sabotage and perpetual roadblocks to become healthy, successful, loving, secure and excited about your life. Let’s explore how to get you to connect authentically with yourself, others, and life as engaged human being.

For more information on my methodology, fees and services and how to book with me check the menu for links to those pages.

I am also a TV news anchor, a writer, a talk show host/producer, a podcaster, and an actress. I have a TV show called #Lovelife (available on YouTube) and I also host The Babecast on Apple podcasts and Google Play.

DR. BABE is the moniker you’ll see on social media and other platforms. If you are curious about the name, DR. BABE, there is an episode I did for the pilot season, explaining the name: DR. BABE.

You may view my LinkedIn page here: Professional Bio and here’s my TedXTalk:

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I was a little surprised to find my letter published. I would have corrected the grammar and spelling. A short falling of mine. I am happy to have my feelings published. I am so deeply convicted in my belief that your robust and deeply admirable public position should be lauded and supported, that my written support was demanded by my better angels.
    I write to know what I think. I read to commune in understanding. When I read your thoughts It was emancipation . Both your public written missives, and your personal response to me are appreciated.
    Thank you for taking the time to respond
    I am certain that ‘feminism” as it is commonly understood is fundamentally antithetical to its supposed purpose. For example, If a young woman today expressed a desire to stay at home and have six kids and look after a man a home and a family the ”feminists” would deride her and shame her for this formerly completely normal position. Those who seek to destroy the family, tradition and history, religion and ethnicity will use their neo-Marxist positions to tear down all we should hold dear.
    Thusly, I reiterate, You are important. I urge you onward and upward. More power to you. I would like you to know you would speak for the silent majority, and the voiceless beauty of the genuinely feminine. The world exists only from a mothers love.
    Thank you for your time.
    warm regards
    Matthew Cornish


    1. Truly appreciate your feedback and engagement — honored to connect.

      Feel free to contact me with any additional thoughts or suggestions. If I can be of any service to anything relevant, also feel free to let me know.

      Thank you, Matthew.


  2. Dear Doctor,
    My name is Matthew Cornish. I recently read your letter to feminism. I wept. it is touching and profound that an intelligent educated woman can annunciate so simply and succinctly the state of intrapersonal relationships at present.
    you deserve a platform and governmental support. sadly you would no doubt be derided and labelled extremist.
    My life has foundered in a kaleidoscope of disasters, largely due to my strong views on such matters.
    I am struggling frankly. To read your work provided release and vicarious emotional support. I am very grateful.
    I hope in future you will find you have caucused with DR JORDAN PETERSON if you can. Your star would rise significantly and find international fame if you found you letter supported and promoted by his very sage and informed intellect.
    Thank you so much.
    You are important.
    kind regards
    Matthew Cornish


    1. Dear Matthew,

      Wow, thank you so much for your courage in leaving this comment and for the generous compliments. I am truly encouraged and I will do my best to continue to inspire such beautiful sentiments.

      P.S. I hope that you don’t mind my further publicizing this comment, if so please inform me otherwise.

      Thank you!


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