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If you’re struggling to bring out your best self, attract the right partner, or maintain a successful healthy relationship, this is your opportunity to break through your blind spots and barriers.

I will help you prepare for, attract or keep an ideal relationship by becoming your ideal self!

Why should you hire me?

I’m an expert. I’m a retired mental health counselor and marriage, couples and family therapist who’s been doing this for over 14 years.

And my PhD is in Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling (2014), hence why they call me Dr. Burrowes 😎 but you can call me Taylor if you prefer.

I retired in April 2019 when I started working as an independent consultant.

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Not sure what to expect, let’s get you started by requesting your FREE discovery call below.

This call will help us determine if we are the best fit to work together. Then we’ll determine the best plan for you.

If you’d like to bundle this 15 minutes with a stand alone consultation to make it a full hour, you can purchase that here.

“I recently had my first online session with Taylor. She’s the real deal. It couldn’t have been more comfortable and it was literally only hours later that my life changed for the better after heeding her advice. I couldn’t be happier, she should probably charge more”

~ Male, February 28th 2019

Request your free 15 minute Discovery Call ⤵️

Once you book your time, don’t forget to complete the linked application form to secure your appointment.

My Ideal Life & Relationship System not only builds healthy relationships, but ideal relationships.

Whether from scratch or with commitment by partners who don’t want to settle for a mediocre relationship.

This approach is for singles, couples, married or not.

This all starts with your own personal development towards your ideal self.

You must prepare for this ideal relationship consciously by becoming a man or woman deserving of the complement of this: your ideal partner.

How you do this, is explained in detail in my book.

You must internalize, apply and practice these fundamentals intentionally in your life.

It’s up to you what standards you set and expect for yourself and the ones you love.

Perhaps surprisingly, I mostly work with men. But I do work with a select group of women that is carefully pre-screened.

I work with men in individual calls, in couples calls and in small group video calls addressing the following:

  • Self mastery for the refined, masculine man
  • Vetting for an Ideal Woman (no more dating!)
  • Relationship mastery for the coupled head of household
  • Wellness & Success systems for the Ideal Man
  • Life Mission, Vision & Purpose Mapping to build your Ideal Life.

My work with women covers a broad range of topics in our group program, including:

  • Female friendship
  • Dating / being single / vetting 
  • Health (all factors)
  • Work / productivity / finances
  • Motherhood & mother/daughter dynamics
  • Femininity / Becoming an ideal woman
  • Family structure & mission
  • Marriage / partnership 
  • Self development / growth mindset
  • Sexuality & sexual health
  • Trauma & recovery
  • Grief / heartbreak
  • Homemaking / Domesticity
  • Society & Culture

IMPORTANT NOTE: I use a framework of healthy masculine and feminine integration in my work.

I work with varied demographics, but I do so with the assumptions that an ideal heterosexual relationship is monogamous displaying classic gender role dynamics and with marriage and family as the goal.

Watch & Learn for FREE…

I discuss my original 5 Levels of Vetting and my take on the 5 Stages of Healthy Relationships



  1. This video among all your others on YouTube and your tweets have been helpful to me in my healing and growth. Looking forward to making more discoveries and hopefully a complete transformation. I have many questions and hope the chance to speak with you in the near future.
    Thank you Dr.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Having issues with web dating thing. Real vs fake and friends and family not helping me and making this worse and the ladies I visit are they real??? Most want money and I’m quite sick of it.


    • Great advice overall! Would highly suggest any guy/gal who may be having a tough time in their relationship or any situation ship for that matter. She’s very helpful & Keeps everything professional & confidential.

      Liked by 1 person

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