The best life hack in self improvement is online coaching. It is just so convenient to connect with a coach online, on a more flexible time frame, and in the comfort of your own space and environment.

Recent client testimonial, “I recently had my first online session with Taylor. She’s the real deal. It couldn’t have been more comfortable & it was literally only hours later that my life changed for the better after heeding her advice. I couldn’t be happier & she should probably charge more” ~ Male Client, February 28th 2019

For more testimonials visit this page.

Option (1)

Not sure how this online coaching thing works?

Have questions about romance, male female dynamics, gender roles, marriage, dating, relationships, mental health?

Jump on a FREE 15 min Discovery Call. Let’s see if we should work together further and discuss next steps.

The goal is to work the most effectively/efficiently for your individual needs, goals and decide which package is right for you.

Just complete the request below and select the discovery call option OR ask to be emailed to discuss further.

Dr. Burrowes will reply with links to a) submit client information and b) an online calendar link:

Let’s Talk About How I Can Help You!

Option (2)

Dr. Burrowes: 45 minute Introductory Call

Ideal Life & Relationship Coaching (Either video call or phone call). This call allows for background development and establishing a history and present context for your concerns. In this time I can provide supportive processing and introspection as well as action-oriented strategy. Even if you are unsure about what you want to work on specifically, this time allows me to help you identify what and how we will target your desired outcomes. Billing will show up as: Dr. Taylor Burrowes




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